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My name is Jennifer and I am the creative heart behind Wild Lily Artisan Fibers.  I work in a wonderful partnership with Aniroonz Sheep Company to bring you the best ranch fleece you will ever find, blended with generous amounts of the things you love.


Why Wild Lily?  I live in the west where the sky is big and the wind is fierce.  Walking across arid and scrubby sheep country you sometimes are lucky enough to come across a wild lily.  No one plants them.  They just show up.  Seemingly just for you at just that moment.  Doing their thing for the joy of doing it.  


I think being creative is like a wild lily.  I wash, dye and blend these exquisite fibers for the joy of doing it.  It is my great pleasure to share them with you for the next step of their transformation.


All is well,