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Pace & Presence - Natural


The wool for this yarn was joyfully gathered fleece-by-fleece from loving shepherds in Montana and Colorado. I selected CVM and Shetland for loft and softness and Blue-Faced LeicesterxGotland for luster and strength. Milled in Colorado. 2 ply sport weight 300 yards per skein.

PACE & PRESENCE is an invitation to slow down. To be where you are. If you are like me, there isn’t much you can take off your plate. But you can change your perspective. Colorwork is what drew me first towards knitting. The beautiful sweaters and shawls, the cheerful hats, the delight that is the mitten! I designed this yarn with the hope that it would bring grounding, investment, intention…a project that isn’t forgotten but one that you can’t wait to get back to.